Pearl Project Focus Group was finished in Austria by Compass GmbH

In Austria, Compass has implemented the focus group with 5 participants. The focus group took 1 hour. The focus group started with a short introduction about the Pearl project. The participants in the focus group introduced themselves by turns. The facilitator started to ask the questions that were identified by the lead project partner, ANI. […]

PEARL Best Practices: Migrant-Tailored & Co-Created e-Democracy Tools for Social Inclusion and Knowledge Transfer Across Europe

The PEARL project promotes social inclusion and information transfer for migrants youths through innovative e-democracy tools.By fostering cross-sector collaboration, the project is developing an online course and a toolbox for tailored and co-created youth workers training. Its transnational dimension also improuves the project particpating organisations management capabilities and cooperative strategies. The PEARL project empowers migrant […]

The Kick-off Meeting

On 12 and 13 July 2022, the first live meeting between project partners was held in Athens. The meeting allowed for a useful discussion in pursuit¬†of the overall objectives of the project in relation to pragmatic evaluations and strong work organization reciprocity¬†between insiders from different organizations that, while pursuing the same mission with regard to […]