The European Erasmus+ project will soon be coming to an end after more than two years of mobilization and solidarity between all the European partners (Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Austria).   

The aim of the project is to develop the political participation of migrants and refugees who wish to take part in democratic life in their country of residence. With this in mind, one of the project coordinators, ANI International (France), organized the project’s closing event on 11 December at the Maison de l’Europe in Paris. The goal was to present all the results of the project, but also to discover the magazine featuring migrants and to launch the digital exchange platform. Each partner was able to present the various workshops held at the local level and talk about the indicators that had been achieved. During this event, a round table was set up and moderated with professionals who are used to accompanying migrants or refugees. They were able to take the floor and answer questions live on Pearl’s digital exchange platform.    

We would like to thank the speakers at the round table :   

Mama Doucoure (Town Councilor of Montreuil, responsible for women’s rights, combating violence against women and discrimination)  

Hafidha Boubaker (SFM Association d’Insertion professionelle)  

Salomé Sadzaglishvili (Project Manager du projet HOPE, Public Réfugié-Direction régionale Ile de France AFPA)  

Sami Cheikh Moussa (Director of the Association Réfugiés Bienvenue)  

Reza Jafari ( Peace Ambassador and President of the association Enfants d’Afghanistan et d’ailleurs)  

Thank you for taking part in this event, whether online or in person. We would also like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and your solidarity with the project. If you would like to discover or rediscover the whole project, please click HERE.  

As coordinator of the PEARL project, ANI International would like to thank all the partners for their investment in making this project a success.     

The partners :  







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