The Pearl online participatory space is a specially designed platform for young migrants and refugees as well as youth social workers in the project partner countries. The main purpose of the platform is to provide young people with a safe area where they can communicate, share their position on matters, concerning young migrants and refugees, organize activities, and initiate debates. R3 DIGITAL SPACE – Pearl Project 

It is designed to engage and empower young migrants and refugees by providing them with a youth led participatory space to shape and spread their positions on key policies and on their future. The PEARL online participatory space is youth led and serve as an online transnational public sphere that aims to nestle migrant youth led initiatives, forge networks and coalitions and form common positions. The digital participatory space is youth-led and is run and moderated by migrant and refugee young people. The digital space is a multilingual meeting of young people to come together and build identities by removing language barriers and introducing cultural diversity. Thus the platform offers a safe space for young migrants and refugees to discuss their positions and unleash their ideas on how they want their future to look. The space and online magazine is released in English; the space will host debates, materials and articles in all participating countries and youth can navigate material/news as they wish. In addition it has a translation feature incorporated that allows for switching between the languages of the participating partner organizations and English. 

To effectively utilize the Pearl Project’s online participatory space users will have to:  

There is also a set of rules that have to be observed:  

Forum Rules – Pearl Project 

At the beginning there are nine topics for discussion on the forum and participants can create new ones depending on their interests. So far the most commented topics are: Democratic participation and Social and Political Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees.  

Key aspect of the digital participatory space is to host the production of the PEARL online magazine which content development will be entirely from young migrants and refugees. The magazine will be issued monthly and will present topics of interest for migrants’ communities in the represented countries. The PEARL digital participatory space and the online magazine will be of benefit to migrant and refugee youth as a digital space they ‘own’ and it is their vehicle for self-expression, dialogue and participation. Through this tool, young persons will build their confidence and feel empowered and will make their voices heard in the public sphere; they will build networks and new friendships and networks and as a result will have more information in their hands; finally they will be able to influence policy making at local, national and European level through positions in the online magazine and youth recommendations. By allowing individuals to express their thoughts and concerns, the platform encourages a diverse range of voices to be heard and facilitates dialogue among participants. Participants who disregard the values and standards of the participatory space (explicitly stated in the Forum Rules) will be required to remedy their faults and if they fail to do so they will be blocked /temporarily or permanently/ from participation by the persons in charge of the digital participatory space. Participants in the space and its blogging area will not be required to reveal their identity. They may use various ways of preserving anonymity. 

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