The PEARL project promotes social inclusion and information transfer for migrants youths through innovative e-democracy tools.
By fostering cross-sector collaboration, the project is developing an online course and a toolbox for tailored and co-created youth workers training. Its transnational dimension also improuves the project particpating organisations management capabilities and cooperative strategies.

The PEARL project empowers migrant and refugee youth, youth workers, NGO practitioners, and public authority professionals by providing them with innovative tools. This helps to promote intercultural discussion and increase political engagement at local and regional levels, ultimately boosting social inclusion.

In addition to its impact on partner organisations’ work with migrant youths, the PEARL project involves decision-makers and contributes to the EU Youth Strategy and EU Youth Policy.
To share its findings, the initiative is reaching out to civil society organisations, formal and informal education institutions, local and national authorities, media, and the general public through project-related events, capacity-building seminars, and online resources.

In short, the PEARL project stes groundbreaking practices to develop migrant-tailored e-democracy tools that promote social inclusion. Its innovative approaches and cross-sector collaboration is inteded to empower young migrants and giving them the skills they need to thrive in an interconnected world.

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