In Austria, Compass has implemented the focus group with 5 participants. The focus group took 1 hour. The focus group started with a short introduction about the Pearl project. The participants in the focus group introduced themselves by turns. The facilitator started to ask the questions that were identified by the lead project partner, ANI. The facilitator of the focus group ensured participation from all members of the group, motivated inattentive members through supportive words and positive body language. They have experience in working with immigrants and refugees in Innsbruck and from other cities locate in the Tyrol region.   They are working on an institution that is working with/for migrants, refugees, and other disadvantaged groups. Basically, they implement a range of activities aimed at increasing social and cultural integration, one of the services they offer is language courses/vocational trainings for young migrant and refugees.

According to participants’ feedback in Austria there are a range of obstacles affecting civic and political participation of young migrants negatively. Because of economic and other responsibilities, they don’t have time and motivation to be involved in civic and political fields. However, because most young migrants and refugees living in Austria face economic obstacles, they are mostly focused on survival activities. The participant added that as most young migrants and refugees are mostly focused on survival activities, their basic needs often need to be met first before their civic and political engagement can be ensured. Moreover, without information and knowledge, meaningful participation in politics can be difficult, especially young migrants living in small parts of Austria, they are not informed on how they can be a part of civic and political participation.

Moreover, it requires to ensure young people have access to advocacy and rights-based training and ensure young migrants and refugees are included in activities where they can get the opportunity to express their opinions, think and make decisions, and understand the consequences of their actions. In addition, it is necessary to identify the political opportunities that are reserved for young people and encourage young migrants and refugees to take advantage of these positions.

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