The Project Result 2 of the PEARL Project is dedicated to the elaboration of a Toolbox centered around the concept of digital democracy. Since migrants and refugees have a restricted access to formal means of participation, this toolbox promotes their civic and political participation through informal and non-formal means.

It is designed for Youth Workers, NGO Practitioners, and Public Authorities’ Staff. The intended purpose of this Toolbox is to be used by these professionals in their work to help the migrant and refugee youth have agency over the topics that are relevant to them. As well as to engage with critical policies by raising their voice. In other words, it aims to improve their civic and political participation. It has been tailored around the feedback made by those youth workers, NGO practitioners, and public authorities’ staff during those focus groups and interviews held by each partner organisation.

The Toolbox contains insightful advice to enhance the civic and political participation of migrant and refugee youth. It:

Together, let’s unlock the potential of young migrants and refugees in political participation and create a more inclusive future! Let’s empower the migrant and refugee youth!

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