As part of the European Erasums+ PEARL project, which aims to involve young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the process of political and civic participation in European democratic life, ANI International organised an online seminar on 23 November for professionals working with migrants and refugees.    

This online seminar is part of a local dissemination programme (PR2) designed to provide all the tools needed to help migrants and refugees learn.  

The goal of the training is to demonstrate the relevance of the toolbox by showing an overview of what it contains.    

Making this toolbox available will enable those who wish to do so to explore popular education in greater depth with this target group. In fact, this toolbox offers formal and informal education methods that are indispensable in the learning process.    

Thank you for your interest and participation in this online seminar. But for those who were unable to attend, we invite you to discover this toolbox on the PEARL project website.  

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