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Neightborhood events and city co-design tables

Participating in neighborhood social events such as can be a neighborhood cleanup initiative, or collective walk with the local dogs, as happens in Perugia can be a first approach to feeling part of a collective, in this case of the neighborhood.
This situation creates moments of informal sharing and discussion about the situation in the neighborhood and the city in general. An exchange of opinions that can be useful to start talking about what we can do together, also for inclusion and sharing spaces, not only for migrants but in general for all citizenship.
In addition, this initiative can derive in a table of co-planning with local authorities on what to do in the spaces of the city, also to include to the whole society

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Assolutamente d'accordo, in questa maniera si può fare comunità in maniera intelligente. Puoi conoscere gente nuova, fare amicizia, e nel frattempo fare un'attività che fa bene all'ambiente. Bellissima iniziativa!