On 12 and 13 July 2022, the first live meeting between project partners was held in Athens. The meeting allowed for a useful discussion in pursuit of the overall objectives of the project in relation to pragmatic evaluations and strong work organization reciprocity between insiders from different organizations that, while pursuing the same mission with regard to the PEARL project, refer to different organizational modalities that need to be harmonized in order to achieve appreciable results. The area of communication and dissemination of results was among the central topics of the discussion: in particular, there was a discussion on jointly choosing the characteristics of the graphic design of the PEARL project and the logo that represents it today.

After the first kick off, Pearl has arranged online meetings with young migrants and refugees to highlight needs and aspirations. Evry project’s partner has reached out and identified several young people aged between 18 and 25 with migrant/refugee backgrounds who participated in these online encounters that have been held in each partner’s country. During these meetings, participants shared their feelings and thoughts regarding the project and its development.

An online course has been prepared by Pearl to achieve two main goals. The first aim is for learners to have a good grasp of the democratic processes and their local, national and european levels. The second part of the training is for presenting case studies and scenario-based exercises and activities in order to teach young people how they can participate in political and civic life, along with giving them the tools to enhance their soft skills.


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