During the months of November and December PEARL partners have conducted a series of online webinars with social workers in public and private institutions to evaluate the project Toolbox. The virtual sessions attracted familiar faces from past research stages but also drew in new participants. In webinars participants explored the Toolbox by actively participating with a selection of the toolbox’s activities, which were tried out during the webinar. The webinars showcased practical ways of integrating the toolbox into day-to-day work for social workers.

Positive Response to Webinar and Toolbox

Feedback from participants reflected overwhelming satisfaction with both the webinar and the Toolbox. Participants, particularly those that had been involved in the pilot of the e-course, valued the creation of a Toolbox to support it. They highlighted the practical utility of the document, seen not just as a one-time guide but as an ongoing reference tool for day-to-day interactions with young third-country nationals. In this regard, participants also expressed satisfaction with the toolbox’s applicability in real-life scenarios. By the end of the webinars many showed an interest in sharing the document with others, particularly volunteers seeking guidance in their activities.

Building on Feedback

The evaluation revealed interest in more extensive training, particularly regarding making it available in other languages and the possibility to provide context adaptation courses. A few participants voiced a desire for more in-depth content, suggesting extended training courses to complement the toolbox.

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